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What is it about stranger things that makes it such an amazing show? (Spoiler Ahead!)

Apart from the eerie thrilling aspect that keeps us on our toes, the best thing about the show is how we get attached to almost every single character in the show. Very few TV Shows are able to capture that aspect. Each character had to play an emotion; more like create a feeling of nostalgia through emotions. For instance, let’s take the case of El a.k.a Eleven. Her role as a mutant was not the only defining element in her character. It was all those suppressed anger and fear that she had to encounter, growing as a child that made her HER! When I saw that, it reminded me of my teenage years where I would do the same and vent out suppressed emotions to do something productive (of course, not saving the planet!) or burst out in tears (Hello, El’s tiny world).

Similarly, take the case of Bob Newby. My first impression was “Why the fuck is he on the show?” It just didn’t make sense. Spoiler Alert! He was like the unsung hero of the entire second season. His death, unlike Barb’s, touched my heart though both had slightly similar characteristics (both nerds and bullied!) It’s crazy how one scene can affect people. This unexpected plot rewinded my memory to those days where watching Godzilla (the 1998 film) was actually a thing. The whole concept of alien creatures (Godzilla babies and, of course, demo-dogs) inside a building trying to feed on the bodies of humans to grow, well, you see where I’m taking you. Now, that’s nostalgia!

I can go on writing about each character and what each of them reminded me of. Season 2 sure did excite the child within me. Did it do the same to you?

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