Always be yourself unless you can be Batman..


Batman is a “badass with a lot of money”. True, but there is so much more to him than just that. He’s the superhero with no superpowers, and better still, the guys with the superpowers look upto him!

Many superheroes like Superman and Wonder Woman are heroes because of their upbringing, because they were taught that with “great powers comes great responsibility”. Bruce Wayne learned it the hard way, through his suffering and pain that gives him strength to help people and make sure no one goes through what he has gone through.

While other superheroes gained their powers through genes or some freak accident, Batman made himself super. He helps us feel that we can become something great of our own choosing through hardwork and determination.

There are so many instances that make me simply feel overwhelmed on how great of a character he is. The following  are just some of the many many many situations on why do I admire Batman.

  • The option to choose:  A girl unable to control her own powers is creating havoc all around the world. The team has no option but to take her down for good. But we see that Batman volunteers to do it, but gives her the option to choose to do the right thing. A powerful moment.
  • The interrogation: Batman and Joker are archrivals that will be talked about for years to come. If you browse, you will obviously find many great moments between Batman and the Joker. This particular scene from The Dark Knight is my favourite.
  • The will to control: This climactic showdown between the Batman and his former sidekick explains to all of us on why Batman no matter the urge has the will to control himself.
  • The Battle between human and god: There is nothing much for me to add here. Once you see this showdown, you will understand why I am speechless.

And that’s why we love Batman!

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