Justice League – The formation of an unprecedented league of heroes

Justice League is due for release on the 16th of November 2017, and we’re counting days down by watching videos on YouTube. Here are our favourite Justice League videos.

History Of The Justice League! by VariantComics: The Justice League has been around for a while and has been through multiple iterations. Seems Batman and Superman weren’t even part of the first Justice League! JL without Batman?! We were surprised too. There are other fun facts that you might like, so watch the video for more.

Best of Batman: JL without Batman?! We grew up watching the Justice League cartoons and Batman was badass. We can’t imagine the team without him (and Flash).

Justice League – Gods and Monsters: How about a fresh take on the superheroes we know and love?

That’s exactly what this is. Just the origin videos will get you wanting to watch more.

Superman Red Son (Motion Comic):  What if Kal-El crash landed in the Soviet Union and not in the US? Watch this motion comic to find out!

And finally, here is a DC extended universe recap that you should watch right before you go for the movie.

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